SEO methods classification

There are three types of SEO - white, gray and black. Dividing into such groups is very conditional, but it is - in any case, in specialized articles often mention these three terms.The difference between them is so blurred that at the present stage, almost the same actions, only slightly different from each other, can lead to the fact that the site will be banned by the search engine or, on the contrary, will receive additional traffic.

·  White optimization is the most reliable, but at the same time a very long, tedious and painstaking process. In order to make everything develop successfully, it is necessary to carry out preparation, which means to do actions, among which it is necessary to name: competent compilation of the semantic core of the site, compiling a list of page compliance requests and something else (to the extent of need, of course). Without good preparation, quality promotion, alas, will not work.

Then there are persistent actions in the following directions - creating new pages on the site, enriching them with fresh content, customizing the internal reference structure, adjusting html code, exchanging links with sites that are close on the subject, and, of course, the formation of external links to the site through publication in specialized directories. All this is white optimization. There are special firms engaged in this type of activity. According to statistics, that would promote the site in this way need somewhere about six to seven months. At the same time, prices range from 700 bucks per month and above:

·  Black optimization is nothing but spam, at least in fact. Effective promotion, but there is a directly proportionate danger of suffering. In most cases, black optimization is done in the form of so-called doorway, but there are many other methods. The idea is that the user moving on the Internet, regardless of his will, would find himself on a unwinding site. Of course, he does not get what he needed, and the search engine is in the position of the guilty, because it is it, on a very specific keyword, gave an address not relevant from the point of view of the user.

Therefore, search engines are equipped and constantly equipped with new filters that identify, say, the same doorways and ban all the links that are in them. As a result - black optimization can not only quickly promote your site, but also get the exact opposite effect, which means - to be blacklisted search engine and lose everything that was before in terms of promotion. In black optimization, in addition to doorways with rederect, use: invisible text, cloaking and nepotist spam.

·  Grey optimization - balancing on the verge of forbidden and permissible. Depending on the specific case or a small difference in optimization, optimization can be regarded by the search engine as quite normal or as malicious black optimization. More often than not, the definition of gray optimization is the method of posting and working with links. But there are other ways - artificial increase in the number of keywords on the page, tricks and bothers with tags.

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